Bah Humbug!

94My plan for this week was to get some shots of houses decorated in best National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation style, but unfortunately real life has intervened. I’ve been rather busy with the day job, which has left me feeling a little less than festive and with no time to plan an entry for the blog.

So it’s just the one picture this time, and the only grab shot I’ve got of someone’s Christmas decorations!

Christmas in London

8889I spent last Saturday in London, which was probably a crazy thing to do in the run up to Christmas. It was packed, especially on the South Bank around the Christmas Market. It was good to soak up a bit of the atmosphere though, and grab a few shots.

I’m not quite sure of the link between Christmas and hot dogs, but there was certainly food of all varieties in abundance, along with proper seasonal treats like mulled wine. I opted for a hot chocolate with a shot of rum, and it certainly helped to keep me warm on what was quite a chilly day. Read More…


92I don’t shoot many straight portraits, but even the term itself is open to many different interpretations as a visit to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery will confirm.

Entries this year range from simple closeups – Keira Knightley and Peter Crouch make up the celebrity quota – to environmental portraits. The latter – images showing the subject in their normal working or living environment – can make for more interesting photographs. Without that context, a portrait has to have something special to interest viewers who don’t know the subject portrayed. An environmental portrait, on the other hand, often has something interesting to say regardless of whether you know the person in the picture. Read More…

Let it snow

85Winter is really upon us now. It’s been snowing in the North, but so far it hasn’t come this way. It’s probably just as well. Snow in this country is fine in very small doses. It looks good for a day or two, but then you seem to end up with a week or so of dealing with slush and icy pavements.

I had a search through my old slides for pictures taken in the snow, and I don’t have all that many. One of the problems is that everything has a tendency to grind to a halt when it snows, so it can be difficult getting anywhere to actually take pictures.

I’m lucky enough to have a country park within easy walking distance, but even a short walk can seem like an epic trek in the snow. Read More…