Photographs Not Taken

125“Photographs Not Taken” is the name of a new book described as “a collection of essays by photographers about moments that never became a picture”. Judging from the review, it seems that many of the stories centre around ethical dilemmas; those moments in which even experienced photo journalists just can’t bring themselves to take a picture.

My own “photographs not taken” are for far more mundane reasons. In most cases they’re the ones that got away, and I wish I had been able to take them rather than choosing not to for moral or ethical reasons. Obviously it’s hard to illustrate a story about pictures I haven’t taken, but the photo above is an example of one of the possible reasons. Faced with the incoming weather and the prospect of getting lost and very wet halfway up a mountain in the Lake District, I opted instead to take a quick snap of the approaching clouds and beat a hasty retreat. Read More…

Project cows. Yes, cows.

119Every now and then it’s good to set yourself a little project. It can be a good way to get out of the photographic doldrums and find an excuse to get out with your camera. As I’ve been suffering a little with the photographic blues, and it’s a wet Sunday afternoon, I found myself leafing through my virtual archives thinking about some of my previous projects.

One of them was to photograph the Cow Parade in Edinburgh. If you haven’t seen it before, the concept of the cow parade is quite simple. For a few weeks, life sized models of cows are put on display around a city.

Each cow is painted with a unique design which sometimes, but not necessarily, reflects the location in which it’s displayed. There is usually a guide produced showing the location of each cow. Sometimes, as these pictures show, you have to keep your eyes open to find them and be prepared to look up – those cows can get into some unusual spots. Read More…