The model village effect

156The model village effect is an attempt to make real life scenes look like models. I’ve seen it done in exhibitions and even TV advertising, and thought I’d have a go.

The idea is to replicate the shallow depth of field that you’d get when shooting a small model. Read More…

Not an Olympian effort

155The Olympic torch came through yesterday. As it virtually passed my door, I felt the least I could do was wander down and take a look.

Initially I was tempted to take my SLR and try to get some proper pictures, but in the end opted for the little compact zoom. Hardly an effort worthy of a serious photographer, and I probably should have made more of an effort.

The shutter lag and delay between shots meant that the compact was absolutely not the right tool for this particular job and I only got one picture showing the actual torch. By the time the camera was ready to take another shot it was too late.

It was probably the right decision in the end, as the weather decided not to cooperate and I’d have ended up with a very soggy SLR. It was spitting with rain when I went out, and as the torch approached the heavens opened and it lashed down. Almost as soon as the torch had passed it cleared up and the sun came out. At least it gave me an excuse, after the event, for not bothering with the big camera kit!