Cheating with Nik

20090917_0001The Nik Software collection of plugins has recently come down in price from $499 to $149 after they were bought by Google. At that price I felt it was worth a punt, so I’m currently evaluating the set.

It makes cheating very very easy! The Color Efex package bundles a range of filters that apply creative effects to your photos. Most could also be achieved via Lightroom presets, although the Nik software has a sophisticated control point system to fine tune the results. I’m still getting my head around that, so to start with I just had a play. Read More…

Rather them than me!


P1000019With a bitterly cold east wind blowing it probably wasn’t the ideal day for the motorbike run to the coast.

I wandered down anyway and took a handful of snaps. It was an opportunity to give a new toy a quick run out although it wasn’t long before my hands were getting too cold to operate it! I’m no biker – unless it’s pedal powered – but I can’t imagine it was a great day to be sat on a bike for any length of time.

It was busy, though, so plenty had braved it, and some weak sunshine took the edge off the cold in sheltered spots. Photography has taken a back seat so far this year because of the weather, and I’m crossing my fingers that a miserable March will give way to a half decent summer for once.

A couple of bikes demonstrated the only way to maintain a semblance of comfort in the cold… I’d still rather be in a car myself though!