20130414_0001I’m a bit of a gearhead when it comes to cameras, as are most amateurs. I’m constantly resisting the temptation to buy new kit rather than actually get out and use the stuff I’ve got.

My main system is Nikon, and I’m currently using the D7000 with a small selection of lenses. My workhorse lens is the 16-85 (equivalent to about 24-120 in 35mm terms), which gives me a good range for most of the things I shoot without having to constantly change lenses when I’m out and risking a dusty sensor. Primes are great in theory, and are sharper, but convenience wins out for me. It’s not always possible to “zoom with your feet”, as the advice would have it.

20130414_0008I’m also experimenting with the Panasonic G system as a smaller and lighter option for those times when I don’t want to lug the Nikon and loads of kit. The G3 has the same resolution as the D7000, and the image quality is pretty good. Not quite as good as the DSLR, but close enough for my needs.

I still prefer a proper optical viewfinder, but at least the G3 has the option of using the viewfinder instead of the main display. The main drawback seems to be a lag in the display updating when you zoom.

I opted for the G3 over similar competitors as I thought it would be worth sticking with the same system as the next camera in my collection…

20130414_0009The final entry in my serious camera lineup is Panasonic GF1. It’s getting on a bit now, but takes a great picture coupled with the 20mm prime lens (40mm equivalent in 35mm terms).

It doesn’t have a viewfinder, which is the main drawback, but I like the compact size and sticking with the single focal length forces me to think a bit more about my composition. It reminds me of using my first film SLR with a 50mm lens and is my “street photography” camera.

I also have a very small Canon compact. a Powershot SX230, with a long zoom range. That’s my camera to carry when I don’t want to carry a camera, as it’ll easily fit into a jacket pocket. Unlike the others, it’s doesn’t shoot RAW but the quality is still pretty reasonable.¬†Finally, I’ve always got a camera with me in the shape of my phone – handy for quick grab shots and snaps.