20150627_0292-Edit-EditLast weekend was the Leigh on Sea Folk Festival, a local event of performances held around the town over the entire weekend and the preceding days. It’s on my doorstep so I always take a look, but this year I was there in a semi-official capacity as a volunteer photographer.

It was great fun and very hard work. On the Saturday most of the action is centred around two stages in the library gardens and I spent the day moving between them and the smaller “busker’s square”. I also popped into the church, which was holding the open mic contest. That one was a particular challenge due to the low lighting levels, but it also made a nice break from the sun!

On Sunday the action moves to the old town, with stages in car parks and the wharfs. Unfortunately it rained heavily for a while, and the worst of the rain coincided with the parade. That didn’t seem to affect the crowds though, and it was as busy as I can remember in the years I’ve been visiting.

I really enjoyed doing the photography, and doing it officially made a big difference – it gave me a real incentive to shoot more pictures than I normally would, and the confidence to get to the front. I even jumped up on stage at the end of Saturday to get the crowd shot…


If you think you don’t like folk music, don’t let the name put you off. The artists are a real mix, from traditional folk through singer songwriters to rock – and even a couple of choirs! Check out the website to get an idea of the range of artists and events, and the a gallery of my pictures here.

I’m already looking forward to doing it all again next year!


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