This is a shot I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

The light trails across Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background is a bit of a cliche, but I had to give it a go. I’m quite pleased with the way it’s come out, although it’s far from perfect.

I didn’t really have the right gear with me. An SLR with a sturdy tripod would be ideal, although using a tripod there would have been difficult and caused an obstruction. As it was, I had a reasonably high end compact and a table top tripod that I balanced precariously on a wall. The results are reasonably sharp – if the clockface looks a bit blurred, that’s more down to the burnt highlights bleeding into the fine detail than to camera shake.

I had to play with the raw file a fair bit, combining two versions of it to hold as much detail in the highlights are I could, while retaining some of the colour in the sky. It was almost impossible to keep the tripod in one position between shots, so combining separate exposures wasn’t an option.

There would have been more light in the sky, but that’s where the waiting cameĀ in. There really wasn’t a bus when I wanted one, and even when there was I had a number of efforts that didn’t quite work – figuring out the right exposure took a few tries as did timing the press of the shutter button. I was using a two second timer delay as a method of keeping the camera steady in the absence of a remote release, so getting the timing right was a challenge.

After about three quarters of an hour of getting increasingly cold, two came along at once and I got the timing right. They say you shouldn’t judge an image by how much effort it took to achieve, only by the final result. My verdict is this one isn’t too bad!

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