img011img013The last time I used my camera was back in May, and it was something completely different.

A friend of mine is involved with a local charity for the homeless, and in May their new centre was due to be opened by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although the local press were going to be there, and my friend is also a photographer, he asked me to go along and help out with some photos in the hopes that between us we’d get some publicity shots to promote the charity in the local press.

It was an interesting morning, and very different to my usual pace of photography. Press photography is hard! You really have to be on autopilot with the technical side of it, take loads of photos and hope that you catch the right moments.

img014The group shot in particular was tricky. Getting that many people to look at the camera at the same time proved to be an impossible challenge! I had time to take three quick shots, and a bit of Photoshop swapping of heads between them got a composite where the majority were looking at the camera, but inevitably there were a few who weren’t.

Most of the rest of the shots were formal groupings of the attendees with the Archbishop, and it was those that ended up in the local press. OK, so it was the free sheets and I didn’t get paid for it (it was for charity, after all!), but it’s still a buzz to see your photos in the paper!

20140517_0082-EditObviously very few of the photos I took were actually used, and naturally the papers concentrated on the ones featuring the people involved with the charity. This last one was captured while the Archbishop was giving an interview to local TV, but I quite like it as an informal portrait.

It was definitely a great experience and opportunity to take some photos I wouldn’t normally get to take.



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